Social stationery étiquette

Sending and receiving social stationery is a time-honored tradition that carries postal étiquette rules.

The following recommendations adhere to traditional guidelines.


Wedding Invitations: It's the event of a lifetime. If your wedding is local, mail invitations 6 to 8 weeks before the event. For destination weddings, a lead-time of 2 to 3 months is necessary so guests can make travel plans in advance.

Save-the-Date Cards: To ensure that your special event is on everyone's calendar, we recommend sending Save-the-Dates beforehand. Save-the-Date cards include your name, the event date, and location. Some couples chose to list travel information, but including it is not a necessity.

Thank You Notes: After receiving a gift, attending an event or simply enjoying a meal at a friend's home, a handwritten note is a polite way to say "thank you". Ideally, a note should be sent within the week, though it will be appreciated no matter when it is received.


In addressing an envelope, do not use abbreviations, the exception of non-professional titles like Mr., Mrs., or Jr., etc. Spell out all the professional titles, such as Doctor and Professor. Always spell out commonly abbreviated words, such as street, boulevard, avenue, apartment, etc. Spell out state name. Children over 18 years of age should receive their own invitation.

Postage: Square or clear envelopes, or an invitation set weighing over 1 ounce requires extra postage. We recommend having your stationery weighed at the post office to determine the proper postage.

Hand-canceled Postage: Recommended for wedding invitations and any piece you want to arrive in the best and most clean condition possible.

Stuffing, Stamping + Mailing: SGD offers envelope stuffing and stamping services complimentary with your order. We cannot be held liable for invitations that do not arrive at their destination. This can be due to a wrong address or getting lost in the shuffle at the post office. SGD will work hard to ensure a solution to this if necessary.